Video Poker Strategy

To get the most out of your video poker sessions you’ll need to implement a practical video poker strategy. These tactics usually differ according to the particular variant you’re playing at the time. A good video poker strategy always focuses on the cards you should hold in order to have the best probability of generating a winning poker hand. You can boost your chances by applying our video poker tips to your game plan, or you can download video poker trainer apps in all the best loved variants. A quick fire tip that works every time is to play video poker for free at any one of our recommended online casinos featured on prior to upgrading to the serious business of betting and winning!

Hot Video Poker Tips

Before you execute a video poker strategy online or practice on a video poker trainer there are a couple of great video poker tips that’ll optimise your game time. Casino bonuses are an effective way of exploring the genre without splurging your hard earned cash. You’ll discover a litany of great casino bonuses that can be redeemed directly from our site. Once the match bonus has appeared in your betting account you can experiment with the appropriate video poker strategy with the freedom you won’t always have when betting with your personal bank roll!

Check the Payout Percentages

As video poker posts pay tables that indicate the theoretical odds of winning and the monetary return you can expect when playing a particular variant, you should always select games that offer the best payout percentages. You can find these vital statistics on the gaming interface or by engaging the ‘help’ button onscreen. They are presented as pay back, pay return or payout percentages that reflect the actual amount of betting money that is paid back to players compared with the amount retained by the casino as the house edge. This is one of our hot little video poker tips that’ll allow you to win more and on a frequent basis.

Always Bet Maximum

A simple video poker strategy you can apply to all games is to bet the maximum five coins per round. As all hands are paid out according the number of coins you’ve wagered, the exact same poker hand can realise five times the base amount, or more, on a maximum bet. Many of the most popular variants offer comparatively huge bonus wins on high paying hands such as a royal flush on a five coin wager. You’ll be more than disappointed if you achieve a hand ranking that offers a massive money prize but have failed to bet max. It’s also worth remembering it’s mandatory to wager the maximum in progressive video poker games if you want to be eligible for the jackpot prize!

Download a Video Poker Trainer

Once you’ve memorised the discards of a particular variant you can practice on a video poker trainer. These handy apps are compatible with all mobile devices and present a score that reflects whether you are playing the game in the best possible way to generate the best possible returns. These easy to use apps are freely available online so brush up on your video poker strategy and practice the moves that’ll boost your bank roll.

Basic Jacks or Better video poker strategy

To get you going, we’ve provided a simple Jacks or Better video poker strategy that’ll enhance your win probability:

Always retain all winning hands you’re initially dealt except when you get four cards to a royal flush. When you are dealt non-paying hands hold:

    • any three cards to a royal flush
    • any four cards to a flush
    • any low pairs such as 10 or less
    • any four cards in a consecutive straight
    • any two high cards of the same suit
    • any three cards to a straight flush
    • Jack, Queen and King in different suits
      any two high cards of different suits
    • Jack, Queen or King with a 10 of the same suit
      any single high card
    • If you are not dealt any of the above, discard all your cards for new ones!

Basic Deuces Wild video poker strategy

A rudimentary Deuces Wild video poker strategy is based on the moves you should make when dealt the following twos:

    • Four – hold all cards
    • Three – retain a wild royal flush or five of a kind
    • Two – hold any hand that is four of a kind or better and any four cards to a royal flush
    • One – retain all paying hands except for four cards to a royal flush

You can practice implementing a suitable video poker strategy right now by signing-up at a top online casino featured at!