Caribbean Stud Basics

At you can learn how to play Caribbean Stud quickly and efficiently. It is a simple comparative casino card game that doesn’t require any bluffing or strategising on your part to win. It comprises two bet types, a single round and the option to play for a progressive jackpot. Once you known when to fold or raise you can make for the cyber tables and enjoy a round or two of Caribbean Stud poker online free. Check out our online casino reviews and latest casino bonuses before signing-up for unrelenting action online!

How to Play Caribbean Stud

This hot online poker variant is played with a single deck of 52 playing cards. Your objective is to beat the dealer. Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of calling your cards, you have to place a buy-in or ante bet in the designated area on the layout. You can do this online by clicking on a suitable casino chip value and activating the ‘bet’ button onscreen. Once the bets are made, cards are dealt to the player and dealer locations in the following manner:

  • Five face down cards to the player.
  • Four face down cards and one up card to the dealer.

Whether you learn how to play Caribbean Stud poker in real money games or the play for fun mode, the mechanics, betting options, Caribbean Stud rules, game play and payouts are exactly the same. You can practice playing Caribbean poker games free at our recommended online casinos featured on!

Calling the Caribbean Stud Poker Cards

When the deal is complete it is time to examine your five-card hand and make an appropriate call based on the value of your cards according to traditional poker hand rankings. You have only two options:

  • Fold – in which case you forfeit your buy-in bet and the round ends.
  • Raise – you place a second bet double the amount of the buy-in bet.

At this point the dealer’s cards are revealed and the hand only qualifies for the rest of play if it contains Ace King high or better. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify your raise bet is returned to you and you’re paid out even money on the buy-in bet. This can be infuriating especially if you are holding a high poker hand ranking capable of paying out at mind boggling odds!

Comparing the Cards in Free Caribbean Stud

Once the dealer’s hand has qualified the casino software automatically compares the cards. If the dealer’s hand wins you lose both your bets. If your hand wins you’re paid out even money on your buy-in bet and fixed odds according to your achieved hand ranking. Once you’ve learnt how to play Caribbean Stud poker you’ll know payouts are directly associated with the probability of hitting a specific hand ranking in only one deal of five cards!

Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpot

Caribbean Stud poker is one of the first casino card games online to offer a progressive jackpot. To be in the running for all or part of the constantly accumulating cash prize you have to place a side bet of $1.00 at the same time as you make the buy-in bet. If you do manage to hit a flush or higher you are paid out whether the dealer’s hand qualifies or not. Progressive jackpot payouts range from cash amounts that increase as the rankings increase, to the entire jackpot amount for a royal flush. If you do elect to play Caribbean Stud poker online free the progressive jackpot bet doesn’t apply.

Playing Tips

We’ve compiled a couple of playing tips that should improve your chances of winning:

  1. Try not to be too reactive to the dealer’s up card. If you fold too easily you may rue your reaction as there’s always a chance the remaining four cards are poor ones.
  2. There is no deception in Caribbean Stud. If the dealer’s hand qualifies you know he’s got a good hand. If your hand is not good enough, don’t be tempted to risk your raise bet as you can’t bluff your way out of trouble.
  3. Whether you choose to play Caribbean Stud poker online free or in the real money mode you can combine these quick and easy playing tips with our Caribbean Stud strategy so as to beat the dealer hands down!

Now that you’ve learnt how to play Caribbean Stud at you can get down to the real deal of betting and winning by registering an account at a glamorous gaming venue directly from our site.