Roulette Game

Migrate to the wonderful world of gambling online and you’ll discover multiple variants of the traditional roulette game. Apart from the classic versions of live roulette that you’ll find in the elegant casinos of Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo, there’s a litany of action packed roulette games online that offer all sorts of exclusive highlights. A great aspect of internet-based gaming is that you can play roulette online for free. Check out our compilation of enticing roulette variants featured below at before signing-up at a secure and reliable online casino via our site where you can play multiple versions in the play for fun mode!

High Tech Roulette

A fabulous addition to many of the new and exciting roulette variants online is the integration of advanced technology into the design. Three dimensional graphics, animations, enticing game themes and bonus rounds are all seamlessly powered by sophisticated casino software to create superior online gambling experiences.

Choosing Roulette Online

Before you play roulette online there are basic elements you should take into account. The house edge linked with a particular roulette game is particularly important if you intend boosting your bank roll with winning bets. A general rule is the more betting options available, the higher the house advantage and the lower the probability of your cashing in big. You’ll discover roulette games online that offer the impressively high betting limits that are associated with the high roller live roulette tables at B&M casinos. Be very wary of these high risk high return options as there’s no guarantee you’ll win in this game of chance. Rather choose a roulette table that offers meagre minimum bets and build up your bank roll with small winning wagers that deliver consistent results.

Great Variants of the Standard Roulette Game

Apart from the roulette betting options that have sprung up all over the net there are three classic versions of live roulette that have migrated to online gaming platforms. All share the same hardware, basic bet types and payouts but have slightly different rules:

    • European Roulette is defined by 37 numbers that extend from 1 to 36 and include a single zero. It offers much better odds than the American version and has a house advantage of only 2.70%. It is a roulette game that is widely available online in both the real money and play roulette online for fun modes.
    • American Roulette is identical in almost every way to its English counterpart but offers an extra betting option in the form of a double zero. This effectively means there are 38 numbers to bet on. The downside of this extra betting option is that the house edge soars to 5.26%, almost double that of the English roulette game.
    • French Roulette is similar to European Roulette in every way but has the La Partage rule. When the ball lands on zero half the betting stake is returned to the player. This tiny adjustment to the rules is hugely beneficial to you, the player, as the house advantage plummets to 1.35%!

Roulette Online

You can play roulette online in countless variants that range from Multi-Wheel Roulette to online live roulette. The latter is an extraordinary innovation that, due to technological advances, allows you to enjoy all the thrills and spills of a live roulette table from a remote destination! Our pick of great online versions of classic roulette are:

    • Progressive Roulette is a standard roulette game linked to a constantly accumulating jackpot. All the classic variants are well represented by this super rich gambling opportunity. To trigger the big win a specific number has to be called a number of times in consecutive order. Any players betting on the particular number at the time are eligible for the jackpot win.
    • Premier Roulette Pro is an action packed variant of French Roulette that offers extra betting options over and above the norm. There are Voisins du Zero bets, where you wager on an arc of numbers on the wheel; Tier bets, where you bet on the numbers on approximately a third of the roulette wheel, and Orphelins bets, where you place up to five casino chips on the roulette table covering number 1 and splits on various numbers arranged in pairs.
    • Euro Gold Roulette boasts a latest generation design compatible with all mobile devices. It’s European Roulette enriched with spectacular 3D graphics, animations and audio, so much so, you’d be forgiven if you thought you were experiencing live roulette online.
      Multi-Wheel Roulette is a classic version of roulette that is played with up to seven additional wheels.

If you want to explore great online versions of the traditional roulette game simply sign-up at an online casino featured right here at and give the little wheel a go!