Baccarat Strategy

As baccarat online is a game of luck rather than skill, there is no defined baccarat strategy one can apply to affect the outcome of the game. Card counting and sophisticated betting systems generated by complex mathematical equations may be successful ploys in land based casinos. Transpose them onto internet based gaming platforms and they fail dismally due to the fact that all casino games online employ random number generators powered by casino software. There are consequently no discernible playing patterns, hot streaks or human error to cash in on. There are however practical baccarat tips you can fashion into an online baccarat strategy of sorts. Read our handy hints below at and you’ll win more often than you lose in this awesome comparative card game that features a dramatically low house advantage!

How to Play Baccarat and Win

The bulk of baccarat games available on the internet are based on Punto Banco. This classic version of the popular casino card game is governed by rigid rules that are implemented automatically. Players do not have the luxury of making independent decisions that could affect the end result. A baccarat strategy that can enhance your win probability is to consistently bet on the banker’s hand. This is simply because the banker’s bet has an attractively low house edge of only 1.01%. This means that almost 99% of the total betting stake is effectively returned to the players. The odds or probability of the banker’s hand generating a winning total as close or equal to 9 is almost 46%. This figure is only fractionally better than that of the player’s hand, which is 44.6%. Stick to banker’s bets and there’s virtually a 50/50 chance of winning every hand you play!

Baccarat Strategy – Avoid the Tie Bet

Browse the how to play baccarat section on our rules page and you’ll know there are only three possible outcomes to the game – the banker’s hand wins, the player’s hand wins or there’s a tie. You can obviously bet on the probability of any one of the three occurring. As the payouts are even money on banker’s and player’s bets and a comparatively huge 8:1 or even 9:1 on tie bets, most inexperienced players would opt for the tie bet. There’s a catch however in the form of the odds. Unlike the banker and player bets that have an almost 50% chance of occurring; the tie bet only has a 9.5% probability. Adhere to this simple baccarat winning strategy and you’re bet total can increase in leaps and bounds!

Play Free Baccarat Online

One of our best baccarat tips is for you to practice as often as possible by opting to play baccarat in the free to play or fun mode. All the betting options, rules and odds are exactly the same in free games as they are in the real deal. Although you won’t be able to bank any winnings you will be able to implement our basic baccarat strategy tips in real time and see the results. You can source free casino games online in all the best loved genres and experience the exhilaration of a great gambling experience!

Coin It with Casino Bonuses

Now that you know our simple yet effective baccarat winning strategy, you can give it a go in practical terms. At we feature baccarat bonuses offered by high end online casinos that are updated on a regular basis. These generous giveaways will allow you to fine tune your baccarat strategy without busting the proverbial bank. You’ll discover match bonuses designed to beef up bank roll so you can play your favourite baccarat game longer and harder, and free play bonuses that offer free bets in their numbers!

At we offer all the tools to optimise your gambling experience. Read our informative pages on online baccarat that include baccarat rules and baccarat variants before plunging head first into the world of gambling online with your newly conceived baccarat strategy!