Online Video Poker

Online video poker is based on five card draw poker. It is one of a rare few casino games online that require strategising and defined tactics to scoop up the major money prizes on a frequent basis. Although there are dozens of exhilarating video poker variants scattered all over the net, it is possible to learn how to beat the house by using free strategy charts that plot exactly what cards you should discard to achieve a winning poker hand. You can buff and polish your online video poker playing skills right now by browsing our practical playing tips and video poker strategy posted for your convenience at!

The Importance of Video Poker Payouts

Payouts represent the odds of achieving a pair, trip, four of a kind or even a royal flush. This means that you can check out the odds and then make an informed decision as to the probability of achieving a paying poker hand. A great way to optimise your poker playing prowess is to play video poker for free before you ante up in the real money mode. We’ve reviewed top ranked online casinos that offer mouth watering casino bonuses and free video poker games in all the popular genres. Sign-up right now via our site to see what the cards have in store for you!

How to Play Online Video Poker

Once you’ve selected a video poker variant that offers suitably attractive payouts you can get going straight away. You can select an appropriate coin value and place bets that range from one to five coins a round. Hit the ‘deal’ button and five cards will instantly appear onscreen. You can choose to discard or retain any number of cards by engaging the ‘hold’ button corresponding to each playing card. After the second deal, if required, the round is effectively over and you’ll be paid out according to the pay table if you’ve managed to hit a winning combination that matches traditional poker hand rankings. Check out the ins and outs of this fast and furious gambling experience online by opting to play free video poker games whenever you can!

Popular Video Poker Variants Online

Play video poker online and you’ll find a remarkable variety of video poker games that offer slightly different odds, modified video poker rules, additional payout opportunities, bonus wins and the integration of wild cards into play. Great online video pokers that offer the classic gaming elements of five card draw poker with a significant twist are:

    • Jacks or Better – a common online video poker variant that offers prodigious payouts that kick off with a pair of jacks or more.
    • It is the ideal starter game for players new to the genre.
    • Tens or Better – similar to Jacks or Better but pays out on a pairs of ten or more.
    • Deuces Wild – a great gambling opportunity that features 2 value cards as wild. There are additional payouts on five of a kind, wild royal flush and four of kind in deuces, which is the most desirable hand after a natural royal flush!
    • Aces and Eights – comparable to Jacks or Better but delivers more bang for your buck thanks to three additional payouts generated by four of a kind in Aces, eights and sevens.
    • Double Bonus – a hugely popular video poker variant that offers two bonus four of a kind payouts capable of delivering sizeable winnings.
    • Double Double Bonus – an enhanced version of Double Bonus online video poker that pays out on four bonus four of a kind combos, with four Aces and 2, 3 or 4 accruing a massive 2 000 coins on a maximum five coin wager!
    • Jokers Wild – this awesome game comes in three major categories – Kings or Better, Aces or Better and Two Pair or Better – that refer to the lowest paying hand. The joker increases the probability of achieving a paying poker hand and adds extra pays such a five of a kind and wild royal flush.
    • Bonus Deuces Wild – one of the most popular video poker games available online. It features four wild deuces capable of creating numerous five of a kind hands, wild royal flush, four deuces and four deuces and an Ace.

Explore this lucrative online gambling experience at where we provide betting basics, rules and video poker strategy tips right at your fingertips. You can find top ranked online casinos that offer all the best loved online video poker variants that are available in the real money and play video poker for free modes!