Online Keno

Online Keno is a straightforward casino game that offers endless betting options and plenty of energy sapping entertainment. It’s a simple game of chance where you have to wager on the probability of a number or set of numbers appearing in a random draw. It’s a bit of bingo and a lot of lottery rolled into one rapid betting opportunity. The standard online Keno game comprises multiple rounds aptly referred to as races.

You have the option to wager on a different number or set of numbers in each round, or you may prefer betting on the same numbers or spots every time you play Keno online. Although there is no basic online Keno strategy you can employ to enhance your win probability, you can improve the odds by opting to play free online Keno games online. Check out our comprehensive casino reviews at before signing-up at a reliable gambling destination that offers Keno online in the play for fun mode!

Online Keno 101

Online Keno is remarkably similar to the national lottery games that are presented on TV and offer multi-million dollar pay outs. You’ll find exactly the same hardware online in the form of Keno tickets that feature numbers between 1 and 80 arranged in a grid formation. Once you’ve decided on the spots or numbers you think will appear in the draw, you can mark each number on the ticket with the click of the mouse. Instead of bouncing balls and handsome hosts that characterise land based Keno games, the draw is powered by a random number generator that is independently verified as fair and functional. Any winning number or numbers that match the draw are paid out according to the pay table posted onsite.

The Rules of Keno

The rules of Keno are generally the same online as they are in B&M casinos. The amount of numbers you can bet on per card may vary according to where you choose to play online Keno. You can typically bet on a maximum of 10, 15 or 20 numbers at a time. It is worth noting however that the odds of matching between two and eight numbers a round are far superior to that of matching 10, 15 or 20 numbers. In the entire history of Keno online not one punter has correctly predicted all 20 numbers in a single draw.

Online Keno Playing Tips

Despite the fact online Keno is a pure game of chance, there are tips you can implement that will improve your game and enhance your win percentage. The first is to understand the odds of achieving a winning combination. The more numbers you choose to bet on, the higher the odds and the lower the probability of achieving a win. Although most of us will automatically go big with a major jackpot win in mind, it’s a far better idea to restrict your spots to a maximum of eight numbers per round. Although the returns will be comparatively small, they will occur with more frequency guaranteed!

Cash In with Casino Bonuses

All reputable online casinos offer attractive casino bonuses in the form of sign-up or new player match bonuses, first deposit bonuses and even free one hour bonuses. This means you can supplement your bank roll with cash or casino credits and experience the highs of gambling online on the house. It is the ideal opportunity to fine tune your Keno bets and game play without ploughing through your betting budget. You can source and redeem an appropriate casino bonus code directly from We’ve arranged our casino bonuses according to bonus category, game genre and gambling venues that accept players from Canada, the USA and the UK for ease of reference. Cash in with a casino bonus right now to play no risk killer online Keno!

Play Keno Online for Free

A practical tip you can apply to all casino games online is to practice in the play for fun mode. You can easily find free online Keno games that offer exactly the same rules, game play and bet types as the genuine article. Although you won’t be able to bank any winnings, you will be able to experience the adrenalin rush of correctly predicting a number or series numbers in the draw!

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