Video Poker

Video poker is five draw card poker that is played on virtual video poker machines. It is a fast and furious casino card game that has emerged on the World Wide Web in all sorts of enticing variations. Pay outs are directly associated with the probability of accumulating a particular card combination, with a natural royal flush generating the big bucks rewards. You can optimise your chances of winning and winning frequently by implementing a video poker strategy appropriate to the variant you choose to play. Check out our video poker rules and strategy guides for practical tips and tactics!

Bonus Wins

To sweeten the deal, popular versions of video poker online offer unique card combinations so as to deliver additional pay out opportunities. There are still more high hit rate video poker machines that offer mind boggling bonus wins on certain combinations on a maximum five coin wager. Your best bet is to explore all your options by playing multiple variants of video poker free before choosing your preferred poker package online. Browse the video poker basics below and sign-up at a top ranked online casino reviewed by where you can play video poker free!

How to Play Video Poker Machines

Despite all the variants with different rules and pay outs, all video poker machines are played in exactly the same way. Your goal is to accumulate a five card hand that matches one of the traditional poker hand rankings displayed below. Once you’ve placed your bet, you activate the ‘deal’ button online. Five cards will appear onscreen and you’ll have the choice to discard or retain as many cards as you want by clicking on the ‘hold’ button aligned below each card. The computer will then assess your final five cards and pay out winnings according to the pay table featured on the gaming interface. If you’re new to the limitless highs associated with gambling online why not play video poker free. features up to the minute casino bonus codes and reputable gambling destinations online where you can play video poker free!

Winning Video Poker Hands Online

Although there are variants of video poker online that have different rules pertaining to the lowest paying hand, you can use the traditional poker hand rankings below as a guideline. Jacks or Better, for instance, will only pay out for a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces, while Tens or Better offer one additional payout opportunity; a pair of 10. We’ve arranged the hand rankings from the lowest to the highest paying hand:

    • Pair -two cards of the same rank.
    • Two pair – two cards of the same rank, together with another two cards of the same rank.
    • Three of a kind or trips – three cards of the same rank.
    • Straight – five consecutive cards of different suits. Aces can be high or low.
    • Flush – five cards of the same suit but are not in consecutive order.
    • Four of a kind – four cards of the same rank.
    • Full house – three cards of the same rank with two cards of the same rank.
    • Straight Flush – a straight with all five cards of the same suit.
    • Royal Flush – A straight from 10 to Ace and all five cards are of the same suit.

Video Poker Online Betting Basics

Play video poker online and you’ll discover a wealth of betting options. There are video poker machines that offer low cost coin denominations that start at $0.01 and those that target high rollers with betting limits that soar to hundreds of dollars a round. Despite your choice of machine, it’s vital you always bet the five coin maximum. This is because the base payout generated by a one coin wager is multiplied by the number of coins you choose to bet. Hit a natural royal flush on a one coin bet in Deuces Wild, for instance, and you’ll earn approximately 800 coins, an amount that sky rockets to 4000 coins on a maximum five coin wager. There are popular video poker variants that offer bonus wins on certain combinations. These impressively large payouts often only apply on a maximum bet.

Now that you’re familiar with video poker basics we recommend you explore our playing tips, tactics and video poker strategy. You can then apply your vast well of knowledge by playing video poker free before making the move to the real money mode. You can register an account right now at a reputable online casino via that offers a variety of awesome video poker machines in all the sizzling variants!