Craps Strategy

Although online craps is a game of chance, there are easy to implement craps strategy tips that can have a positive impact on your betting account. You can combine our craps tactics with sound advice that resonates with all enthusiasts of casino games online. Together with the bet types you should pursue and those you should avoid at all costs, our best craps strategies are simple playing tips that can be adapted to all the great casino game genres. You can browse our formula on how to win at craps posted below at before applying it to free craps games available online!

Read and Comprehend Craps Rules

Craps is a multilayered dice game that can be quiet difficult to master. It comprises two game phases with unique craps rules and bet types. The betting options in particular are pretty tricky as there are often opposing bets you can make on the same roll of the dice. You’ll also discover different versions of craps that have slightly different rules and game play – street craps and casino craps. It’s important you learn and understand casino craps rules as this is the version that is predominantly available online. Once you understand the rules and betting options you’re ready to rock and roll!

Craps Strategy – How to Win at Craps

We’ve compiled a betting centric craps strategy that is effortless to learn and simple to apply. It is based on the fact that certain totals are easier to achieve on a pair of identical die than others. The probability of hitting a total of 7 for instance is almost 17%, the highest in the game, as there are six possible variations in achieving that total. The chances of hitting a 2 or 12 plummet to around 3%, the lowest in the game, as there is only one possible way of attaining either total.

Check out our general craps rules and you’ll know that placing a pass line bet on the come out roll is your best craps strategy by far. This is simply because you are wagering on the probability of the dice showing 7 or 11, totals that have a 16.66% and 5.55% chance of occurring. Your only other option would to place a don’t pass line bet that pays out on 2 or 3, numbers that have a 2.77% and 5.55% of actually being rolled!

Go for the Odds Bet

Now that you know how to win at craps you can enhance your fortunes even further by opting for an odds bet. This is an additional wager that is equal in value to that of your pass line bet and is placed once the point number has been established. If for example the point is 8, you’ll place an odds bet on 8. If 7 is rolled before 8, you lose both bets but if 8 is rolled before 7, you win both bets. You should always take up the odds bet option as it has absolutely no house edge. Payouts are directly determined by the probability of achieving the point, so you’ll be paid out:

  • 2:1 on 4 or 10 – totals with an 8.33% probability.
  • 3:2 on 5 or 9 – numbers with an 11.11% chance of occurring.
  • 6:5 on 6 or 8 – total values that have a 13.88% probability.

Cursory Craps Strategy

We’ve compiled quick reference craps strategies that target the bet types you should stick to or shun altogether:

  • Always opt for low risk pass line bets as they have a house edge of only 1.41% coupled with a high probability of winning.
  • Avoid big 6 and big 8 bets as the house advantage is a whopping 9.1%
  • Steer clear of all proposition bets as although the odds are really attractive, the house edge is not in your favour.
  • Place field bets at the right time by assessing how many rounds have passed with or without a winning field bet. If three or more rounds have gone by without a win, it’s probably the opportune moment to place a winning field bet!

Casino Craps Strategy Playing tips

Before you get down to the serious business of betting, it’s best you browse our paragraph on how to win at craps and then practice the best craps strategy online. You’ll discover countless craps games in the free to play mode all over the internet. You can also optimise your time at the tables by redeeming generous casino bonuses that will allow you to bet and win on the house. is an awesome gambling guide packed with useful information, free games and sizzling casino bonus codes that can be redeemed directly from our site. You can apply our craps strategy by signing-up at a reputable online casino that offers the incomparable highlights of gambling online!