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The online gambling market in Europe is extremely tricky to navigate which is why has sourced a variety of the best European casinos to play at. We have extensively researched the casinos in Europe that accept players from all parts of the continent. We have also ensured that the casinos found on our site are of the highest quality with the most exceptional European casino games and the bonuses that go with it. We have personally played at all the casinos. This means our casino reviews will be able to offer you an exclusive look into all the European casinos on offer.

European Casinos – Our Judging Criteria

All the European casinos found on our site went through a very strict judging process which enabled us to weed out the weak, badly run casinos and offer you, what we consider to be the best European casinos to play at. Our reviewing process was both strict and thorough and entailed testing such things as the software, the casino games, the banking process and the support team. This enabled us to get a good look as to how the casino was run and what sort of experience you would have if you chose to play there.

Online Casino Software

The software used by the casino plays one of the most important roles in the entire gambling experience as the software is used to run all the various aspects of the European casino, from the casino games to the banking pages so if the software is not up to scratch, chances are the whole experience will be ruined. We have conducted various tests on the software to ensure that the casino runs smoothly, the casino games run seamlessly and there are no problems when it comes to contacting the casino and making use of their banking facilities.

European Casino Games

What would be the point in visiting an online casino if not to play the variety of casino games they have on offer? And what would be the point in an online casino that doesn’t offer you the most realistic gambling experience imaginable? This is why we have paid close attention to the games offered by the European casinos we recommend, to ensure that you, our loyal reader, will be able to enjoy every single visit to the casino. If the casino did not meet our very high standards, then they were not included in our list of the top European casinos so when you play at one of the casinos found on our site, you know that you are playing the best games at the best European casinos.

Casino Details

We have also made sure that all the casinos on our website are fully licensed, well managed and that they act accordingly. We have personally confirmed their licenses and have spoken to the various management teams to ensure that, should you choose to pay one of the European casinos a visit, you will be treated like a VIP and will be offered everything you will need to enjoy a spot of gambling. We also like our casinos to be certified by and independent gambling commission such as eCOGRA, who will regularly conduct audits to ensure the casino is safe to play at, fair to their members and completely above board.

European Casino Bonuses

One of the most enjoyable parts of playing at European online casinos are the free casino bonuses they dish out on a regular basis. The bonuses serve a multitude of different purposes, namely to thank a person for choosing to play at the casino and to rewards the person for depositing money and playing with them. These are two things that make the European casinos better to play at than their bigger, more traditional land based cousins. This is why we have made sure that all the European casinos found on our site have a wide variety of bonuses for you to enjoy as we know that the only thing better than gambling, is doing it with someone else’s money.

The User Experience

The overall experience is one that needs to be addresses as the various parts of the casino need to run simultaneously in order to provide you with the right amounts of excitement and gambling pleasure. If even one department doesn’t function properly, then the whole casino experience could be ruined. If, for example, you win a lot of money playing the functioning games, but you can’t withdraw any winnings because the banking facilities are malfunctioning, it would be pointless to carry on playing. This is why we have personally tested all aspects of the casino to ensure that they offer you the complete online gambling experience.

Online Gambling Done Right

If you are in the market for a few online casino games and if you are looking for a new European casino to play at, we highly recommend one of the casinos found on We have personally tested, reviewed and played at all the casino found on our website and we know them to be the best. So if you fancy a few rounds of Blackjack, a few spins of the Roulette wheel or if you would prefer to sit back and let the slot machines do all the work, then visit one of the European casinos found on our site.