Free Keno - Basics

Free keno is a great way to experience the rules, betting basics and sheer rush of correctly predicting a number or series of numbers in a draw. There are countless versions of free online keno that emulate authentic keno games, from the keno cards with their sequential numbers right down to the odds of achieving your pick. You can implement a basic betting strategy, experiment with sets of numbers and even determine the betting configuration that has the best pay out probability, all without jeopardising your bank roll. You can source free keno games that have all the whistles and bells of the genuine article directly from!

Free Keno Betting Basics

Whether you choose to play free keno or opt for a real money game, the objective is exactly the same – to match as many numbers as possible in a random draw. There are countless bet types that range from one pick, where you mark off a single number on a card, to a maximum of 20 picks, where you wager on the probability of hitting all 20 numbers that usually comprise a draw. Play free online keno games at different gambling destinations and you’ll discover a couple of additional betting options that will intensify the excitement level. Together with straight number bets on one to 20 numbers there are:

Top/bottom bets – wagers that the majority of drawn numbers will be in the top 40 numbers or bottom 40 numbers on a standard keno card. Variations of this popular bet type include left/right, odd/even, top only and odd only keno bets!

Combination bets – bets on a combination or group of between two and four numbers at a time. The bet wins if all numbers in a combination appear in a single draw.

How to Play Free Online Keno

Once you’ve identified an appropriate online casino that offers free keno as part of its casino games menu, you can start playing almost immediately. The gaming interface is usually a standard keno card that is neatly divided into a grid of 80 numbers arranged in sequence. You place your bet by selecting an appropriate coin value before making your pick by clicking on the number or numbers you think will appear in the following draw. You can choose to play one round or five rounds with the same set of numbers. Once you’ve activated the game rounds or races button, the draw automatically occurs and the results are depicted onscreen. Any matching numbers are paid out according to the game’s pay table. Check out our comprehensive casino reviews at to find a great gambling destination where free keno is part of the action!

Typical Online Keno Payouts

Depending on the free online keno game you’re playing at the time, pay outs usually start with five matching numbers on a 10 picks wager. Winnings do vary from game to game and casino to casino but a typical 10 picks pay table pays out on the following matching numbers:

  • 10 – 10 000 coins
  • 9 – 4 500 coins
  • 8 – 1 000 coins
  • 7 – 142 coins
  • 6 – 24 coins
  • 5 – 5 coins

As with many casino games online, winnings correlate with the odds of achieving a said outcome. The higher the reward the lower the chances are of a win. This is where a basic betting strategy, where you choose to bet on between two and eight numbers at a time, can enhance the probability of small but sustainable payouts. Although the bets, game play and payouts are exactly the same as in a real money game you cannot bank any winnings accrued in free keno games but you can learn how to play keno online and win!

Successful gamblers always learn their trade in free to play games before migrating to the serious business of betting. You too can bust the bank by applying our keno basics, rules and playing tips to free keno games. Browse right now for free keno or a suitable casino bonus that will allow you to pick and win without splurging your betting budget!