Pai Gow Poker Strategy

As Pai Gow poker is a game of skill, we’ve complied a step-by-step Pai Gow poker strategy that will pay hands down if implemented correctly. It is similar to the basic blackjack strategy in that it provides exact instructions relating to the splitting of the cards into two distinct hands. When you combine this Pai Gow poker strategy with our general playing tips, your win percentage is guaranteed to move steadily in an upward trajectory. Read and retain our smart Pai Gow poker tips posted below at and you’ll soon be playing Pai Gow online like a seasoned poker pro!

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Play Pai Gow Poker Free

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Apply Our Pai Gow Poker Strategy

When you play Pai Gow poker online you can easily implement our Pai Gow poker strategy by printing it out and referring to it during play. Use this basic strategy Pai Gow Poker Strategy together with our general tips and you’ll be deep in the betting black before you know it:

  • Always retain a pair in your five-card hand and transfer the two highest cards to your two-card hand.
  • Split two pairs and transfer the lowest pair to your two-card hand.
  • On three pairs always shift the highest to your two-card hand.
  • Retain three of a kind in your five-card hand and transfer your two highest cards to your two-card hand.
  • On two three of a kinds, split a pair from your highest set and transfer it to your two-card hand.
  • On three of a kind and two pair, retain the full house and shift the highest pair to your two-card hand.
  • Move the pair of a full house to your two-card hand.
  • Split four of a kind when you have Jack, Queen, King or Ace. Split if you have 7, 8, 9 and 10 unless you have an Ace or King. If so, retain the four and shift the high card to your two-card hand. Retain on any cards under 7.
  • Splitting a hand containing a flush or straight is dependent on whether you are holding pairs. On one or no pairs transfer your two highest cards to your two-card hand. On two pairs, split the pairs retaining the highest ranking pair in your five-card hand.
  • On three of a kind with a flush or straight, transfer a pair to your two-card hand. is a comprehensive gambling guide that offers rich casino bonuses, free casino games and instant access to the best online casinos in the business. Explore our in-depth Pai Gow poker guide before applying our Pai Gow poker strategy that is designed to boost your bet total into orbit!