Keno Rules

Keno rules are as simple and straightforward as the game itself. There are no pre-determined moves, mandatory bets, unique game features or complex game play typical of high hit rate casino games online. It’s a fast paced numbers game that literally takes a couple of minutes and a round or two of keno online free to learn how to play keno and win. Once you’ve browsed our easy to understand keno rules and have brushed up your betting skills with free keno games online you can find a reliable gambling destination at where keno in the real money mode is part of the betting bonanza!

How to Play Keno

Keno is a betting hybrid of the tried and tested bingo and lottery games. You’ll discover a keno card that has 80 numbers arranged in sequence on a grid comprising 10 columns and eight rows. Your task is to select a number or numbers that you think will appear in a random draw. Once you’ve chosen a suitable coin value, you can choose from straight bets, combination bets and wagers that focus on groups of numbers on the top or bottom or left or right of the card. You can pick between one and 20 numbers with the click of the mouse and elect to play up to five rounds at a time. Although keno rules are largely standard across all keno games, the number of permissible picks per card, the posted pay outs and variety of betting options can and do differ according to the keno game you are playing at the time. In all keno games winnings change automatically in line with the quantity of numbers you choose to bet on.

Keno Rules Pertaining to the Draw

In live keno games the draw traditionally consists of a vast quantity of brightly coloured and numbered balls that are randomly propelled into 20 slots with bursts of air. These are the winning numbers. In online keno a random number generator powered by casino software facilitates the draw. Although there are keno games online that feature animated balls; winning numbers are usually only highlighted onscreen. The results and associated win amounts of each round, together with your bet amount and payouts, are displayed alongside the keno card online.

Play Keno Online Free

As keno rules apply equally to real money and play for fun modes, you can improve your keno expertise by playing keno online free. You’ll find authentic keno cards, bet types and gaming interfaces that publish all the real time betting information, results and associated payouts. Once you’re up to speed with keno rules and game play, you can upgrade to the wonderful world of gambling online. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to blow your bank roll, there’s yet another great option that you can explore that will enable low outlay high return gambling online.

Check Out Casino Bonuses

All reputable online casinos feature marketing gambits in the form of casino bonuses. These generous giveaways come in all sorts of guises, from welcome percentage match bonuses, where the casino matches your first deposit dollar for dollar; game centric casino bonuses, that are used exclusively on a particular casino game or genre, to free one hour bonuses, where you are allocated a specific number of free bets to wager in an hour or less. You can use these casino bonuses to learn how to play keno in the real setting or to improve your betting strategy in live keno games.

Now that you know the ins and outs of keno online you can find free keno in both download and flash versions, and a top ranked online casino that offers enticing casino bonus codes, at Browse our keno basics, keno strategy tips and keno rules before applying all the useful information to great keno games in the real money mode!