Keno Strategy

As online keno is a game of chance powered by a random number generator, there is no defined keno strategy you can employ to enhance your win probability. Even the most complex betting systems based on mathematical equations will never be able to affect the outcome of the game. There are however handy hints and playing tips that can improve your chances of a win. Where you choose to gamble online and the keno games and bet types you pursue are important considerations that can mean the difference between paltry payouts and substantial returns!

Quick Keno Playing Tips

A quick and easy keno strategy that works every time is to source a casino bonus code that will allow you to play keno online that is partially paid by the casino. You can also experience the heart thumping rush of picking winning numbers in free keno games found all over the net. At we’ve covered all the betting bases. You’ll find a variety of current casino bonuses together with free keno so that you can experiment without breaking the bank and find the best keno strategy that works for you!

Appreciate the Odds

The odds of hitting winning numbers depreciate considerably when you bet on more than eight numbers per round. In fact the keno bet that has the highest probability of winning is a five spot wager. Select only five numbers on a standard keno card comprising 80 possible picks and the odds of all these numbers appearing in the draw is 1:4. Increase you wager to seven or eight numbers per round and the odds plunge to 1:8 and 1:20 respectively. A practical keno strategy that is easy to implement is to stick to bets that offer the best probability of winning.

Beware the House Edge

Online Keno, whether free keno or real money games, has a notoriously high house advantage that averages at around 15%. In some online casinos it tips the 40% mark. This statistic is a numerical representation of the amount of total betting money that is retained by the casino. This means you will actually only bank 85% of your winnings. Before you sign-up, bet and play at a gambling destination online you should determine the house advantage and choose an online casino that offers you the best possible return on your betting buck. This is a keno strategy that you can easily apply to all casino games online. You can browse our reviews of top rated online casinos at that offer a wide variety of casino games with an acceptable house edge!

Employ a Low Risk Keno Strategy

A great way to enjoy keno online is to employ a keno strategy aimed at reducing your losses. Extend your bank roll by making a number of smaller bets that offer comparatively meagre payouts but have the best odds of winning. You may miss out on a potentially huge win generated by hitting 10 or 15 winning numbers but you may also bust your entire budget on one big bad bet. Once you’re casino account is in the black you can up the betting ante fractionally but we urge you to err on the side of caution at all times. Payouts are directly determined by the number of coins you bet per round. The best keno strategy you can apply is to always bet the maximum number of coins in the lowest possible coin value and you’ll bag a betting bounty.

Best Keno Strategy – Choosing an Online Casino

Your choice of gambling venue is more important than anything else. There are dozens of rogue operators online that are more than willing to accept your funds but are less enthusiastic about paying out your winnings. Many of these dodgy casinos online offer casino bonuses and promotions that appear generous in the extreme. Even if you’re tempted, do not part with your hard earned cash as there’s a very good chance you’ll never see it again. You don’t have to look too far for a licensed and regulated online casino with great casino bonuses and free keno. We’ve reviewed dozens of great gambling destinations that offer fair gaming, 24/7 customer support and sophisticated security so that your banking details are protected at all times.

Register an account right now at a certified online casino featured on Browse our online keno basics and keno rules before applying a workable keno strategy to our free keno games before upgrading to the business end of betting and winning online!