Slot Machine Odds

Slot machine odds are based on the probability of hitting a particular symbol or combination of symbols on an active payline. Although it is difficult to determine the odds when playing slot machines online, a general rule is the higher the wagering requirements, the greater the odds or probability of achieving a generous pay day on the reels.
The good news for online gaming enthusiasts is that classic reel slots, video slots and progressive jackpot slots actually offer the best odds of all the casino games online. Favourable slot machine odds are one of the reasons why more and more players are choosing online slots as their preferred gambling fix. Low wagering requirements that kick off at a cent a spin are yet another prime motivator to play great slots titles online all the time!

The Best Slot Machines to Play

Despite the fact that multi-reel and multiline video slots offer a classy well rounded entertainment experience thanks to the animations, 3D imagery and gaming innovations of the premier casino software developers, it’s the humble 1 line and 3 reel classic slots that are by far the best slot machines to play online. These legendary casino games with their bars sevens bells and fruit have the potential to generate multiple payouts as they offer the most attractive slot machine odds in the business!

Play Free Bonus Slots

A smart way of determining the odds is to play free bonus slots online. It’s a no risk tactic that will allow you to take note of how many times winning combinations appear on an active payline, and on what bet size. It also allows you to familiarise yourself with the superb game features, free spins and second screen bonus games that are part of the modern internet based gambling experience.

You can source a wide selection of free to play online slots right here at that include progressive slots, low risk high return 3 and 5 reel slots and latest release titles such as Enchanted Garden video slot, At the Copa video slot and Battlestar Galactica, an awesome video slot machine based on the hit American sci-fi TV series!

Calculating Slot Machine Odds

When playing slot machines online it is possible to determine the theoretical probability of winning. There’s a simple formula that can be applied to calculate slot machine odds. The number of reels and individual gaming symbols are the tools that are used to determine the probability of hitting matching symbols on every reel, and on an active payline.

Take for example Foot Loot reel slot, a Microgaming classic that is part of our free bonus slots library. It has 3 reels, 1 payline and nine gaming symbols. To compute the odds you have to multiply the number of symbols, which is nine, by the power of three, the number of reels in the game. The odds of hitting a winning combination is consequently 1:729. Upgrade to Psychedelic Sixties, a hot Rival Gaming video slot machine comprising 5 reels, 20 paylines and 12 symbols and the theoretical odds will sky rocket to 1:248832. Stick to playing slot machines that are simple and low key and your betting bank roll will soon be in great health!

Payout Percentages

Random number generators are used to power casino games online. This means that there is no way of predicting when a winning combination will appear on the reels. There are no hot winning streaks or due jackpots that are often part of the slots strategy used by land based casino players. A reliable method of arriving at the best slot machines to play online is to check out the payout percentages posted by the online casinos. They are effectively slot machine odds that are represented as a percentage. What these statistics tell you is how much money is paid back to players on the total of coins wagered. A payout percentage of 97% for example confirms that of 100 casino coins wagered, 97 are paid back to the players while the remaining 3 coins or 3% is the house edge!

Now that you understand the significance of payout percentages and slot machine odds browse the slots machine tips and slots machine strategy pages at and implement all the smart slot schemes to generate multiple wins on the reels!